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Novovin on alkoholijuomien markkinointiyhtiö, jonka perusajatuksena on toiminnan, palveluiden ja tuotteiden laadukkuus. Tarjoamme ulkomaisille tuottajille ja kotimaisille asiakkaille aktiivista, asiantuntevaa ja henkilökohtaista palvelua...»lisää


Novovin Oy Ltd

Novovin is a wine, spirits and beer importer, agency and marketing company, founded on the basic principles of excellence in its operations, products and services. We provide foreign manufacturers and domestic customers with active, expert and personal services.

To Finnish consumers, beer and wine connoisseurs, we deliver high quality products from the world’s most eminent producers, bringing to the Finnish market the most suitable and choicest quality drinks in each price range.

We are an active and hard working partner for foreign producers and have close and current contacts in the Finnish market.

Operating world-wide, for our domestic and Tax Free sector customers we seek out and choose producers, i.e. principals with the most interesting products. Once identified, we work with our customers to have these items included in their sales catalogues. After this we focus on promoting the sales of the chosen products together with the principals and customers in the agreed way.

Each customer, producer and product is important to us, and a matter for personal attention - not only a company or product among a list of hundreds. In growing of our operation, our priority is customer service, personal attention and meaningfulness.

We appreciate wines, beers as well as wine and beer cultures and related business. We have respect for this fine time-honoured business and the people and companies working in this field. Our aspiration is to be in this business in the long run, working in the spirit of fair play and to be a worthy and committed partner.

The founders of Novovin Ltd have been in wine and alcoholic beverage business since 1991.


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